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Pickup & Delivery

Home pick-up and delivery available upon request.

A standard $25 pick-up fee may apply based on distance. Please call and schedule an appointment for pick-up! 

Home delivery is $40 and takes place the Sunday following the completion of your pets time at our facility. 

 You've found us! Now, lets get you started by asking a few simple questions!   

1: Are you in need of a euthanasia service?


If yes, please click here or call us for a list of our preferred veterinary clinics. 

 2: I've already lost my pet, what do I do now?


Don't worry, this is a very common situation that is never easy - which is why we are here to help! At this point we have multiple options: we accept walk-ins to our facility during our normal hours of operation or Schedule a Pickup, either to your home or your preferred vet clinic. 


 3. Individual Aquamation vs No-Return?


An individual aquamation service is the standard for families who want the cremains of their lost loved one back. We provide every individual aquamation an urn, an ink paw print, and a laser engraved nameplate. 

Our no-return aquamation is conducted in the same manner, but does not include return service. We provide this for people who do not want their pets cremains back. We scatter the ashes after a holding period of at least 30 days. Anyone can browse and purchase any of our memorial products here.

Every pet in our facility is treated with the same high level of respect, placed into their own compartment, and cremains kept tracked and separated at all time through our facility - until either handed to a client or scattered by us.


Q: How does it work...?


A: We cover information about our process here. 

Q: I wasn't expecting so many veterinary fees, what are my options?


A: We understand the economic struggle, which is why we are the most economic choice for aquamation in The Valley. If you are unable to pay for a return service up front we can accept payment for communal status and you can pay the difference at a later date. We provide this upon request so please call us for more information!

We will do everything in our power to keep you close to your loved ones and will not gatekeep you due to our pricing. 

Do you have a preferred vet clinic? 
Contact us to schedule a

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