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About Us

As a family owned and operated company, we pride ourselves in being able to care for your family as an extension of our own.


The process we provide is incredibly safe, gentle and Eco-Friendly; using only natural minerals to provide the highest quality service for you. 

  • Our service
    Our alkali mineral solution is an incredible alternative to traditional cremation. This gentle water based process provides cleaner remains for you to take home. Resembling a beautiful, fine and soft sand. ​ Our alkali formula is entirely eco-Friendly, leaving no harsh chemicals behind or even floating around in the air. It is Potassium and Sodium based, which is completely recyclable in nature. Even FDA approved to do so.
  • What actually happens
    With Aquamation, an individual body is respectfully placed in a container that is then placed inside of a clean stainless steel vessel. A combination of gentle water flow, temperature and alkalinity are used to accelerate the natural process of tissue hydrolysis. All organic material is reduced to its most basic building blocks. At the end of the process, there is no DNA or RNA remaining. The sterile process is achieved with our Sodium and Potassium based salts called alkali. All that remains of your pet are the clean bones, which are gently dried over a few days.
  • What happens to the water?
    The water is returned to the eco-system just as all funeral homes do during the embalming process. The Aquamation process produces a completely sterile solution of amino acids, sugars, nutrients, salts, and soap in a water solution. These are the byproducts of natural decomposition.
  • Are the cremains safe?
    Yes, the cremains are 100% safe, pathogen and disease free. The ash that is returned to your family is simply bone mineral, or calcium phosphate. The ashes can be kept in an urn or may be buried or scattered in a special place as some families choose to do.

About Aquamation

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